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About Us

Israel - South Africa Chamber of Commerce

The Israel South Africa Chamber of Commerce was birthed in 1973 on the eve of the Economic Conference when Israel's then Prime Minister Golda Meir stated that "Dialogue fosters Trade".


It is un unique in its history given that it was founded at the height of the Apartheid era when there was severe skepticism regarding the setting up of such an NGO.

It is distinctive still in its constitution as the official chamber of commerce for the promotion of business relations between Israel and South Africa.


There is huge opportunity and need for what each country can provide the other, and as face and official representative of trade between the two countries, the Chamber prides itself in being able to promote trade and relations between the two countries.

The Israel - South Africa Chamber of Commerce executes its mandate by playing an instrumental and direct role in coordinating and initiating trade between the two countries through a variety of activities.

In addition to hosting events and creating numerous platforms which facilitate and promote the interaction of businessmen and entrepreneurs between the two countries, the Chamber is involved with;

  • Introducing business opportunities in South Africa and in South Africa as a gateway to Africa

  • Hosting delegations from South Africa, organizing Trade Missions to South Africa and facilitating b2b contacts

  • Promoting Israel technologies  in South Africa 

  • Publishing and promoting Israeli and South African trade inquiries

  • Organizing bilateral meetings, seminars, conferences, functions, and workshops

  • Working with other chambers to promote trilateral ties based on synergistic missives 

The  Chamber is also a one-stop source of information with regards to everything to do with Israelis seeking to do business in South Africa, and vice versa.

As a result of the Chamber's standing, it keeps company with an extensive network of connections with Israel’s most influential governmental trade departments and other external trade-related bodies in Israel and is able to capitalise on these relationships in order to benefit numerous businessmen and entrepreneurs who are doing business between the two countries.

The Israel South Africa Chamber of Commerce is a member of the Federation of Israel Bi-national Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

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